My wife and I were delegates to the Republican Party of Texas state convention in Fort Worth, 2014. I had a resolution in front of the convention again.

The last time I came to a convention was in 2008 in Dallas. Just like this time, the resolution (1099-GOV) passed out of the precinct convention unanimously, the Burnet county convention almost unanimously (less 2), but the resolution got lost (?) on the way to Dallas.

This time I got to testify in front of the temporary platform committee on Monday about my resolution, but by Thursday when the convention proper opened, it had disappeared again. At least it got buried by Roberts Rules of Order! That felt much better as I stood up.

My Resolution (in a nutshell)

ALL government bank statements and government credit card statements must be posted to the internet

I'd been working and reworking the resolution, planning for the precinct and county conventions. It had seemed to me that getting an eyeball on the government's money as reported by the banking institution, before government had the ability to sift it and reorganize the books in their preferred image, was a meaningful approach. Then, just the other day there was a headline on Drudge...

All Government accounts to be posted to the internet by 2015

Was my thunder stolen? And then there was an article about how they were going to make sure that the faceless bureaucrat would be a thing of past. It seemed that they were going to put actual faces to all those arrogant government representatives so we'd know who was dealing at us.

Sorry.about.that! Those previous two links, from just days ago, show the speed with which our country is rapidly sliding into a police state that would make the East Germans envious. Decisions are being made by arms of the Spun God's administration that are terrifying to behold. I also hope that the fictitious headlines I used made you feel hopeful of a possible bend in the arc of government. After all, we can have high-minded speeches about principle, and loud disagreements about policy, but it is the process that controls. The process is what can and should be bent first. What is fair for government IS fair for us to demand of it in return.

Who made those decisions to track every financial transaction you make? Should a government 'of the people' know about every transaction the government makes before we get to this point? The sad part is that the House of Representatives is continually funding these encroachments on our freedoms. I can easily imagine Boehner being emotionally distressed and all limp about comforting us that it is sad that these freedoms have been lost is good for all of us!

The place for resolutions that are of critical importance is in the PREAMBLE to the platform of the Republican Party of Texas. That is the place where items of utmost importance to the people and all their Republican representatives live because Republican Party rule 43A says they must acknowledge it or be ineligible for money from the party!

If the idea of complete government accountability and transparency is something that you think is missing from this administration you MUST ask about it.

I stood in line for over 7 hours to try and reintroduce this revolution from the floor but we got stuffed. However, I still believe (for a while longer) that...

WE, The People, can make the difference!

David Plouffe